Letter from the Prez!

Hello all … First I wanted to say I am very excited to take the reigns of PALE. For those of you that don’t know me, I have been with PALE since the beginning and have been part of the board in different facets for many years. I am looking forward to a great year.

Reminder: for the upcoming Okto-PALE-Fest – Sat. Oct 18th at Waa Kee Sha Park in Oswego. – starting at 2pm. PALE will be providing brats and burgers, bring a dish to pass and if interested – a bottle of your favorite Octoberfest or Pumpkin beer to have a “bottleshare”.

Coming soon we will have more information on upcoming event including – Learn to Homebrew Day Nov 1st at Hopvine and the Christmas Party Dec 13th at Grande Point Clubhouse.

If you can’t make the picnic – hope to see you at our next November 6th PALE meeting
John Lawlor
PALE President aka Grand Master of Suds!

9/4/2014 Meeting Minutes

The 9/4/2014 meeting was held at Nevins Brewing Company, Mike Zuro presiding in Darien’s absence.


  • Brew At The Bridge, September 20th, 2014, in Oswego, IL from 1-7pm. We’re still looking for volunteers and beer donations. See Ian Webster for more details.
  • Bottle Share at Art Golk’s house on Saturday, September 27th, 7pm. Theme: Sours. There will also be cigars and charred pork of some kind.
  • Dues will be lowering due to the new insurance policy. Details forthcoming.
  • Details on this years Christmas party will also be forthcoming.
  • Brixtoberfest! Looking for competitors, judges, and stewards! Entries accepted starting September 6th. Check out http://brixtoberfest.brixiesbrewers.com for more info.
  • Election nominations:
      President: John Lawlor nominated himself, seconded by Art Golk
      VP: Art Golk nominated himself, seconded by Mike Zuro
      Secretary: Rob Ruiz nominated Brian Phad, seconded by Travis Beard
      Treasurer: Rob Ruiz nominated himself, seconded by Ian Webster
      Director: Mike Zuro nominated himself, seconded by Rob Ruiz
      Technology Chair: David Hermann nominated for appointment
      Industry Liaison: Ken McMullen nominated for appointment
      Brewing Technology: Jamnes Cameron nominated for appointment
      Social Chair: John Marlovitz nominated for appointment
  • MWBF: Huge thanks to volunteers and homebrew donors from Ken McMullen and Dave Stoiber
  • Hopvine: Ken mentioned he has a lot of old Limestone growlers he needs to get rid of at a discount. Talk to him for more details.
  • Pollyanna Brewing: Ed says they might be opening at the end of September in Lemont. All inspections passed to date!


1/9/2014 Meeting Agenda and Minutes

Attached is the presentation from the 1/9/2014 PALE meeting:

January 2014 Meeting Presentation

Items of note:

  • Andrew Steinbach picked up some barrels from Revolution Brewing and is requesting assistance/advice from the group on how to make the best use of them. We will also reach out to Marc Wilson at Nevin’s to discuss barrel aging and fermenting, as he has numerous barrels out on display aging now.
  • The vote to amend the club bylaws to reduce the number of directors from 5 to 3 was put in motion, seconded, and voted upon. The vote passed unanimously to allow the amendment.
  • There is one free slot open for the BJCP class that begins Monday, January 13th. Be sure to reach out to Tim Racette on this (see the email that went out last week).
  • Congratulations to the following winners of the January PALE Project (Belgians):
    – 3rd Place: Eileen Uchima for her Belgian Tripel
    – 2nd Place: Eileen and Heather Uchima for their Belgian IPA
    – 1st Place: Eileen Uchima for her Belgian Dark Strong

PALE Meeting Dates and Locations

Here are all of the meeting dates and locations for 2014.

  • January 9: Hopvine
  • February 6: Nevin’s
  • March 6: Hopvine
  • April 3: Nevin’s
  • May 1: Tailwinds
  • June 5: Hopvine
  • July 3: Nevin’s
  • August 7: Hopvine
  • September 4: Nevin’s
  • October 2: Hopvine
  • November 6: Nevin’s
  • December 4: TBD Holiday Location

2nd Annual PALE Winter Party – “It Came Upon a Midnight Beer” – CANCELED

PALE Members,

Our Winter Party on December 7th has been unfortunately canceled. We tried to streamline the costs as much as possible, and as a result, our break-even point was very close to maximum attendance. Unfortunately, we have not come close enough to this number to maintain costs. Those of you who have paid already will be refunded shortly.

We hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving. Cheers!

Fall Picnic

It is that time of year again.  Oktoberfest parties are in full swing, and pumpkin beers are back on the shelves, it is fall.  That can mean only one thing it is time for our Fall Picnic.  This year it will be held on Saturday, October 12th from 12:00 – 6pm at Waa-Kee-Sha park in Oswego .  We are still working on all the details of the picnic, but the club will sponsor the meat at the picnic, we are just asking each family to bring a side item to share with everybody and a bundle of firewood for the fire.

Please feel free to bring your homebrew in bottles, growlers, or we will be having two jockey boxes available to serve your homebrew.

12:00pm – Picnic begins – A campfire will be burning. (We are asking each family to bring a bundle of wood for the campfire.)
1:00pm – People’s Choice Beer Competition begins
1:30pm – Brats and Hot Dogs will be on the grill
4:00pm – People’s Choice Competition ends and votes are tabulated
4:30pm – 1st place People’s Choice winner is announced. 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners will have their beers on tap
6:00pm – Picnic wraps up

To signup you can either see Art/Travis at the October meeting or you can send an email to the Social Team. All entries are due by 5:00 PM on Thursday, October 10th as Art is printing up the ballots.

Guidelines for the competition are listed here:

– There are no style restrictions.
– We will assign serving/tasting timeslots based on the number of participants (i.e. 20 minutes).
– Participants MUST provide their beer in a keg (2.5 gallon minimum). We will not be accepting bottles for the competition.

We are still working on the prizes so stay tuned.

1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners will have their kegs remain on tap on the jockey box once the competition is completed.

October 2013 Meeting @ Hopvine


A reminder that the October meeting is tomorrow at Hopvine in Aurora (map link on the right column).  This meeting will have a lot going on, so please arrive on time; early would be best.

– The 2013 Elections will be conducting.  Please see THIS post for the details.

– A special buffet will be setup for PALE Members and their guests.  The cost is $10/person.  The menu is listed below:

Coq au Beire 
chicken braised in hopvine amber ale, mushrooms, onions, and buttered herb egg noodles

Cheeseburger Sliders
2yr aged white cheddar and buttermilk onion strings

Smoked Chicken Wings
smoked, spiced, fried…

House-made Chips

Trick or Treat Popcorn
house made caramel corn, mini reese’s peanut butter cups, m & m’s, chocolate and peanut butter drizzle

The buffet will run from about 6:30 until 7:30, but please try to be there beforehand so we can get the meeting started on time.

See you there!

Board of Director Nominations for 2014

President: Darien Kruss
Vice President: Mike Zuro
Secretary: Ian Webster
Treasurer: Peter J Rzeminski II

Director: (only three seats are available this cycle)
Ed Malnar
Ken McMullen
Rex Slagel
Art Golk

Tech Talk: John Lawlor
Communications & Tech: Art Golk
Competition: Chris Schabert
Brewery Liaison: Ken McMullen
Social Chair: Art Golk

Elections for the Officers and three Director positions will occur at the start of the October meeting. The meeting will being at 7:00pm, so please arrive on-time!