PALE Holiday Party

When: Saturday December 13th, 6PM

Where: Grande Park Clubhouse
26401 Grande Park Blvd.
Plainfield, IL 60585

What: A great party. Pale will provide awesome local beers and the first 60 signed up will get an exclusive PALE Winter Party tasting glass.
We will also have a Bottleshare featuring rare and/or Holiday themed beers, so break open your cellar and bring something tasty.

Food will be Potluck, so fire up your smokers and grills and let’s have some great food we can share.

What you need to do NOW: Signup now to insure your spot and glass, the cost is only $10 per person see Rob Ruiz or pay via paypal($11 to cover Paypal costs) to

Keep your eyes open for an Evite that will also be going out to track attendees and the Potluck.

Learn to HomeBrew Day

Saturday November 1, 2014 at 8:00am
at Hopvine Brewing Company, 4030 Fox Valley Center Dr, Aurora, Illinois 60504

Bring your brewing setup and some grains to brew on the patio with water from Hopvine. Otherwise, come to learn the processes of others and enjoy some craft beer.Brew Day

Letter from the Prez!

Hello all … First I wanted to say I am very excited to take the reigns of PALE. For those of you that don’t know me, I have been with PALE since the beginning and have been part of the board in different facets for many years. I am looking forward to a great year.

Reminder: for the upcoming Okto-PALE-Fest – Sat. Oct 18th at Waa Kee Sha Park in Oswego. – starting at 2pm. PALE will be providing brats and burgers, bring a dish to pass and if interested – a bottle of your favorite Octoberfest or Pumpkin beer to have a “bottleshare”.

Coming soon we will have more information on upcoming event including – Learn to Homebrew Day Nov 1st at Hopvine and the Christmas Party Dec 13th at Grande Point Clubhouse.

If you can’t make the picnic – hope to see you at our next November 6th PALE meeting
John Lawlor
PALE President aka Grand Master of Suds!

PALE Meeting Dates and Locations

Here are all of the meeting dates and locations for 2014.

  • January 9: Hopvine
  • February 6: Nevin’s
  • March 6: Hopvine
  • April 3: Nevin’s
  • May 1: Tailwinds
  • June 5: Hopvine
  • July 3: Nevin’s
  • August 7: Hopvine
  • September 4: Nevin’s
  • October 2: Hopvine
  • November 6: Nevin’s
  • December 4: TBD Holiday Location

2nd Annual PALE Winter Party – “It Came Upon a Midnight Beer” – CANCELED

PALE Members,

Our Winter Party on December 7th has been unfortunately canceled. We tried to streamline the costs as much as possible, and as a result, our break-even point was very close to maximum attendance. Unfortunately, we have not come close enough to this number to maintain costs. Those of you who have paid already will be refunded shortly.

We hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving. Cheers!

PALE Homebrew Club Elections

September marks the end of the Club Year for PALE. This means that, over the next two months a great deal of important club business will be conducted and it is imperative that you participate in these matters.

To participate in the following events, you must be a Member in Good Standing. This means, you must be an active, Dues Paying member of the Club. If you have not paid your dues, you cannot participate or vote in any of the matters before the Club Membership.

Too keep this posting readable, the “short” version will be written at the top and the “long” version will be put below it.


– FY2014 Budget will submitted to all Club Members to review. (to be submitted “very soon”) The Budget will then be voted up/down by the membership at the September Meeting. The voting method will be a simple show of hands.

– Nominations for the (4) Elected Officers, three (3) Elected Directors will be taken at the September meeting. The outgoing board will also be accepting volunteers for the five (5) Appointed Chairs. The elections for the Officers and Directors will occur at the beginning of the October Meeting. The newly elected Board of Directors will then convene after regular business and appoint the Chairs from the pool of volunteers.

See…nice and short. That was not too bad, right?

Now, for those of you want more details, feel free to keep reading.


– FY2014 Budget will submitted to all Club Members to review. Each item will be estimated based on costs summarized from FY2013 and include the mandatory costs we have to pay as a club. The budget will show those items that MUST be paid, and the optional items. the mandatory costs are pretty much fixed, so the stronger the member base the better we are at fund raising, the more we will have to spend on the optional items. Optional, btw, does not mean they are not important, simply that they are not mandatory costs. The Budget will be voted up/down by the membership at the September Meeting. The voting method will be a simple show of hands.

– Nominations for the (4) Elected Officers, three (3) Elected Directors will be taken at the September meeting. The outgoing board will also be accepting volunteers for the five (5) Appointed Chairs. You can read the full details of what the responsibilities are for each office HERE, but in brief:

The Officer positions are a one year term. At the time of your election, you must have been a member in good standing for at least 6 months. You must be able to attend 80% of all general meetings. You must be able to attend all Quarterly Board meetings. You must be willing to check the club-issued mailbox for your office and respond to Club business on a timely basis.

– Shall preside at all meetings of the Club Officers and General Membership and be Ex-officio member of every committee.
– Shall plan the meeting, arranging for topical discussions, demonstrations, or guest speakers
– Shall cause to be called regular and special meetings of the General Membership and Club Officers in accordance with these By-Laws
– Shall create committees and coordinate the efforts of all Standing Committees.
– Shall review the financial records of the club on a regular basis
– Shall act as the principal point-of-contact between The PALE Homebrew Club and the American Homebrewer’s Association, other homebrew clubs, businesses, and Organizations

– Shall in the absence of the Chairman, assume the responsibilities and duties of the Chairman
– Shall assist the Chairman with coordinating “Field Trips”, visits to (and reciprocate) other clubs, conventions and/or workshops
– Shall work under the direction of the Chairman to advance and promote the good image and beneficial works of the PALE Homebrew Club
– Shall work with the Chairman to recommend, determine and implement policy decisions made by the Club Officers

– Shall have the overall responsibility of care and custody for all club funds and securities. By regulation, the Treasurer is required to make all deposits for the club into the PALE Homebrew Club Bank Account.
– Shall render a statement of the condition of the finances of the club at each meeting of the Club Officers and general meetings, or at such other times as required.
– Shall keep correct books of account of all its business and transactions and such other books of account as the Club Officers may require.
– Shall exhibit at all reasonable times the books and accounts to any members when requested.
– Will advise the Club Officers of methods for improving PALE Homebrew Club financial management.
– Shall do and perform all other duties normally pertaining to the office of the Treasurer.
– Shall prepare and file all mandatory State and Federal financial documents as required by law.

– Shall create a written agenda for all the meetings and forward a copy of the agendas to the President preceding each meeting.
– Shall keep written minutes of all the meetings and forward a copy of these minutes to the President as soon as possible (while agenda is current and fresh in the Boards minds), but no later than the week of the next regularly scheduled meeting.
– Shall assist in the execution of committees and be responsible for directing and advising committees formed by the Club Officers and coordinate committee activity with other functions of the club.
– Shall be the archive of all official documentation of the PALE Homebrew Club.

Next you have the Directors. The purpose of the Director is to provide long-term stability to the management of the PALE Homebrew Club, responsible leadership, and structure. Directors are also responsible for the management of all legal and governmental aspects of running a nonprofit corporation.

A Director must meet the following requirements:
– They must have been a Member in Good Standing for the past twelve (12) months
– They must be willing to serve for a two (2) year term
– They must be able to attend 50% Board Meetings
– They must be able to attend 75% of all general meetings
– Like the Officers, they must also be responsive to club-related business emails and respond in a timely manner.. Unlike the officers, their personal email address will be used.

Finally, you have the Chairs. The Chairs are not election positions but are instead appointed by the newly elected Board of Directors. Anybody can volunteer to be a Chair, even if you are holding an Elected Office, you simply have to be willing to put in the time to act upon the responsibilities of your position. Please look at the By laws for the full description of each Chair.

A Call For Volunteers!

The Midwest Brewers Fest (MWBF) needs capable and enthusiastic volunteers before, during and after our annual festival, which will be held on August 24, 2013 at Plainfield’s Riverfront Park. The third annual MWBF will feature more than 60 breweries and over 150 beers. Last year, we attracted over 3,000 guests and expect more this year. Each volunteer shift has a limited number of open slots. If you register for a shift, you are expected to report for and work your shift. If you fail to report for your shift(s), you will be excluded from volunteering in future Fests.

We are in need of volunteers for each setup day – Wednesday, August 21 through the day of the Fest, to provide support for the day of the Fest, to pour beer, and to help clean up afterwards. Volunteers who support two shifts Wednesday through Saturday’s first shift will be given enough Fest Bucks to purchase entry into the Fest free of charge. Volunteers who support our second shift on Saturday or who pour beer will be given admission to our post-fest after party in lieu of Fest Bucks. The after party will feature beer on a limited pour basis from the MWBF and other incentives. Volunteers for the pouring shift (11:15 am to 6:15 pm) must either be Basset certified, or commit to attending/ completing a Basset certification class. The MWBF is sponsoring a Basset class with the Plainfield Police Department on Tuesday, August 20, 2013, at 5:30 pm. Volunteer pourers may also complete Basset certification on their own by going to

MWBF also supports our local organizations, including business and social organizations. For each volunteer who signs up from a local Plainfield organization, the Fest will donate $25 to the local organization for each shift worked. Independent volunteers will receive $25 in Fest Bucks for each shift worked. Entry into the Fest will require $50 in Fest Buck for volunteers. Please indicate in the comments section whether you are volunteering in support of a local organization and the name of the organization.



Volunteer to help the day of the fest, and you will be able to attend the after-party, that evening, where you can drink all that beer that was served that day.  For Free!  …put a little effort in and get a lot out!


Sign Up Today!

Dues & Membership Status

Dues & Membership Renewals

The PALE Board of Directors has three announcements to make regarding Dues payments & the Membership renewal process. We believe that these will benefit all the Club Members.

First, we are dropping the requirement that all members must renew their membership in October of every year. We realize the burden this places on the membership as not everybody can attend every meeting. So, starting with the August meeting, we are moving to an Anniversary renewal model. The date you join/renew with the club becomes your anniversary month and that is when you must renew every proceeding (if you choose to do so, and we hope you do). For those current members who have paid their half-year dues already, we will collect the full-dues from you in October and that will become your anniversary month. Those members who have yet to renew, the date you do-so will become your anniversary month. We will track all of this in a database and send out notifications starting two months in advance of your renew date. The Dues rate remains $20/yr.

Second, the Board of Directors has voted to implement a Household Discount model; conditions apply. The discounted rate is available to a single person living in the same household as a Member in Good Standing. The second person’s relationship to the Member in Good Standing is irrelevant, so long as they live at the same address. The Household Discounted Dues rate is $5/yr. (We know there will be questions on this, please comment below or email us at and the board will respond)

Lastly, the Board recognizes that we have a lot of members who are active on Facebook and the Forums, attend PALE Social events, hang out at CBW, attend brew events, etc., but because of their schedule, it is extremely difficult for them to get to a meeting, making it impossible for them to renew their membership with the Club in a timely manner. To show our appreciation to those members, and to make the entire dues payment process easier for ALL our members, we are now accepting Dues renewal payments via PayPal. The link is available under the “Membership” tab of the Main website. This link is for renewals ONLY. if you are looking to get a friend signed up with the Club, they have to attend a meeting in person to get registered. PLEASE NOTE, there is a $1.00 surcharge to each online renewal; this is done to cover the fees that PayPay charges us for their service.

If you have any questions, comments, or complaints, please email the Board of Directors at and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Thank you,

Peter J. Rzeminski II
PALE Homebrew Club