Dues & Membership Status

Dues & Membership Renewals

The PALE Board of Directors has three announcements to make regarding Dues payments & the Membership renewal process. We believe that these will benefit all the Club Members.

First, we are dropping the requirement that all members must renew their membership in October of every year. We realize the burden this places on the membership as not everybody can attend every meeting. So, starting with the August meeting, we are moving to an Anniversary renewal model. The date you join/renew with the club becomes your anniversary month and that is when you must renew every proceeding (if you choose to do so, and we hope you do). For those current members who have paid their half-year dues already, we will collect the full-dues from you in October and that will become your anniversary month. Those members who have yet to renew, the date you do-so will become your anniversary month. We will track all of this in a database and send out notifications starting two months in advance of your renew date. The Dues rate remains $20/yr.

Second, the Board of Directors has voted to implement a Household Discount model; conditions apply. The discounted rate is available to a single person living in the same household as a Member in Good Standing. The second person’s relationship to the Member in Good Standing is irrelevant, so long as they live at the same address. The Household Discounted Dues rate is $5/yr. (We know there will be questions on this, please comment below or email us at info@PALEBrewers.org and the board will respond)

Lastly, the Board recognizes that we have a lot of members who are active on Facebook and the Forums, attend PALE Social events, hang out at CBW, attend brew events, etc., but because of their schedule, it is extremely difficult for them to get to a meeting, making it impossible for them to renew their membership with the Club in a timely manner. To show our appreciation to those members, and to make the entire dues payment process easier for ALL our members, we are now accepting Dues renewal payments via PayPal. The link is available under the “Membership” tab of the Main website. This link is for renewals ONLY. if you are looking to get a friend signed up with the Club, they have to attend a meeting in person to get registered. PLEASE NOTE, there is a $1.00 surcharge to each online renewal; this is done to cover the fees that PayPay charges us for their service.

If you have any questions, comments, or complaints, please email the Board of Directors at info@PALEBrewers.org and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Thank you,

Peter J. Rzeminski II
PALE Homebrew Club

HB630 IS LAW!!!!

PALE, I just received a call from Senator Holmes Office and they stated that Governor Quinn was signing HB630 into law TODAY, July 5, 2013!

The ILGA website should be reflecting that sometime in the next day or so.

Ladies, Gentlemen, Thank You for all your help with this.

…and in case you are unclear about that this means…

– We can LEGALLY have Homebrew at our private Club meetings.

– We take LEGALLY take our homebrew to our private picnic at the end of this month.

– …and most importantly, PALE is bringing Homebrew BACK to the Midwest Brewers Fest!!!!

We will announce details about volunteering for the PALE Homebrew Booth at the Meeting, as well as information on donating beer to the event!


The PALE Toast Contest has entered the voting portion. Go visit the Forums, login, and vote for your favorite toasts… You can vote for up to five (5). The Top Five will be read-aloud at the July 11th meeting, with the winner becoming the official PALE Toast to be recited at every meeting.  You must be a PALE Member to vote.

The PALE Project for the July 11th meeting is the PALE Pale contest. Bring in your best Pale (India, English, American, Belgian, etc.) and compete against your fellow club members. The favorite beer, as chosen by your fellow club members, will become the official PALE House recipe for 2013 and will be posted to the Forums for all to recreate (if they wish). The best part, PALE will pay you to re-create a 5-gal batch of your winning homebrew, so it will be the showpiece homebrew at the PALE Tent during the Midwest Brewers Fest!

July Meeting Date & Location

Just a reminder that the July meeting will NOT be held on the first Thursday of the month as that lands of July 4th.  The meeting has been moved back a week to Thursday, July 11th and the Bolingbrook Golf Course.

Do not forget to the PALE Pale contest will be held before the regular meeting.  Show up with your favorite Pale Homebrew and compete against your fellow Club members.  The homebrew chosen to be the favorite by the members in attendance will become the PALE House recipe for 2013.  PALE will also pay for you to recreate the beer so it can be featured at the PALE Homebrew tent during the Midwest Brewers Fest!

June Meeting

Just a reminder to everybody that the June Meeting is happening this Thursday!  (check the count-down clock to the right)

This will be a busy meeting, so if you can, please arrive early, order a bite to eat, maybe something to wash it down with, and then we will get through normal business as quickly as possible!

Embroidered PALE Club Shirts

Last evening, we launched the new PALE Club Shirts.  We are still taking orders for the June meeting.

Please visit THIS LINK to see the options and prices available.  You must be a PALE Homebrew Club Member to see the link.  If you are a member are you are having problems getting to the site, please email us at tech@PALEBrewers.org and we will help you out!