June Meeting

Just a reminder to everybody that the June Meeting is happening this Thursday!  (check the count-down clock to the right)

This will be a busy meeting, so if you can, please arrive early, order a bite to eat, maybe something to wash it down with, and then we will get through normal business as quickly as possible!

Embroidered PALE Club Shirts

Last evening, we launched the new PALE Club Shirts.  We are still taking orders for the June meeting.

Please visit THIS LINK to see the options and prices available.  You must be a PALE Homebrew Club Member to see the link.  If you are a member are you are having problems getting to the site, please email us at tech@PALEBrewers.org and we will help you out!

2013 AHA – PALE Big Brew Day

Looking for some brewers for Big Brew Day, I have space for a 5-6 brewers.
We are discussing brewing a big barleywine or IPA and barrel aging it!
Recipe discussion on the forums : http://forum.palebrewers.org/index.php/topic,211.0.html

Please respond ASAP if interested!

When: Saturday May 4th – starting at 9am — all day.
Location:  2366 Shiloh Dr.- Aurora IL. 60503
I will be providing food, and have some beer. Please bring some to share as well.
Thanks all,

John Lawlor